Conspiring Against Conspiracy Theorists?

Bin Laden’s death has led to a debate about whether or not it was right to kill him, why he was not arrested instead and even whether or not he was actually killed. But not only that; it has also led to a debate about whether debating these questions is reasonable or just a pastime for conspiracy theorists. It seems that some German broadcasters have declared war on conspiracy theories. The German daily newspaper „Nordbayerische Nachrichten“ spent half a column quoting the Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri, who compares conspiracy theorists to cockroaches, saying that the main difference between cockroaches and conspiracy theorists is that cockroaches can be eliminated with bug spray. Okay, you can dislike those paranoiacs but mentioning it in a context that puts everyone who expresses doubts about so-called facts on the same page with them is just not fair. German state TV published an interview ridiculing those, who question groundbreaking events, in a similar way. I find those journalistic statements quite an insult to sanity and reason. It sounds as if they are proud of taking everything they hear and see as a fact.

First of all, not every person who doesn’t believe every single piece of information just like that is a conspiracy theorist. It is a natural result of incomplete news coverage that people think of ways to fill those logical gaps themselves. Instead of making fun of those who search for further answers, the media should be responsible for providing so much information that any further theories would become unnecessary. Continue reading


No Human Rights for Bin Laden?

„And on nights like this one, we can say to those families who have lost loved ones to Al Qaeda’s terror, justice has been done.“ Those were Obama’s words after announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden, who has for many been a symbol of anti-Western terrorism in the last years. But has justice really been done? I am definitely not a supporter of Bin Laden, nor do I want to participate in any conspiracy theories about his death, but after reading more and more about the topic I just see so many questions that have to be asked. One of them is: why is there no evidence? Continue reading