It’s a Nuhojawa Sandwich!

We all know the problem: Sitting at the breakfast table you have all these delicious things in front of you but you just aren’t hungry enough to eat them all. And then you are forced to pick ONE or maximum TWO things to put on your slice of bread. But don’t worry, this problem will no longer make your life miserable! Why choose just one if you can choose four instead?

I would like to present to you the greatest invention ever invented and – not surprising – of course it was invented by me. It is the Nuhojawa Sandwich that combines Nutella, honey, jam and Halawa in an incomparable orgasm of yumminess. Of course there can be variations of it. How about a Japeatelloney Sandwich (Jam, peanutbutter, nutella, honey)? Or would you prefer a Cheemarmonella Sandwich (cheese, marmite, honey, nutella)?

Now the unique experience of this culinary treat is that the first four bites are dedicated to every ingredient by itself. You may take in the full pleasure of four delicious spreads right after eachother. Have you ever experienced something like that before? Will you ever experience something like that again? I think not. (By the way, it’s all legal.) Continue reading